19 November, 2011

Joomla Newsletters

In the previous article I wrote about the usage of a newsletter to help sales, and we already know how to make a free newsletter PHP open source – based. Now, It is time to talk about how to add a newsletter as one of facilities for joomla website-based to increase sales.
One of blessings using joomla website-based is on number of their extensions which is unlimited, in other words joomla website – based can be transformed for many purposes with the help of the extensions. Now we will add the popular extension of free newsletter to build a newsletter on joomla website – based. Here are some extensions that we can use:

  • AcyMailing Starter
  • ccNewsletter
  • Acajoom
  • Letterman Newsletter

You can find and download them all from http://extensions.joomla.org/ Please download and then install the extension into your joomla website, and undertake some set up. You can choose one of those extentions in accordance with your needs.

Queue System

For additional information use the newsletter containing the Queue System, its function is to overcome the limitations of servers, because a lot of hosting providers provide unlimited email accounts, but set the limit of mail delivery numbers. You can handle it by using the Queue System.

Never Get Bored

I think boredem is one of diseases. You should join a program named The Art Of Self Empowerment in Anand Ashram, Sunter – North Jakarta, Indonesia so as not to get bored easily, so that you can continue to be more creative. Most of my friends got bored of managing their newsletter and they stopped. Boredom is an obstacle which we must handle from time to time.
As always said before, technology already provide it. It’s time for us to use them for our mutual benefit. Think positively. We can earn our living easily as long as we are creative enough to use everything available.

Keep up the spirit!!!

Author : Rahayuning
Website : www.webdesign-cheap.com
Original Post : Joomla News Letters

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